Vision & Policies from Community Consultation

The Community Consultation held in September gave the team a rich source of material representing the views of residents.  We shared this overview of the consultation output shortly after the event.

Since then, the team has used your inputs to develop a Vision and a set of Policies and Projects that will form the basis for our Neighbourhood Plan.  You can read all this in this document.  If you have comments and/or questions, please contact the Neighbourhood Planning team via this email:

The vision is self explanatory and will be supported in due course by some specific objectives.  The policies & projects are in two groups: land usage policies ultimately linked to the Basingstoke & Deane Local Plan (B&D BC LP) that form the core of our plan ... and ... a set of projects that sit outside the B&D BC LP but are essential  support for delivery of our plan.

The team and a number of volunteers are now  building on this to prepare our first draft plan.  If you would like to help with this process, please contact us.