Referendum Result and Plan is now "Made"

ES&BG Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result


The Parish Council is pleased to announce that the referendum on the ES&BG Neighbourhood Plan held on 4th May 2023 has resulted in the plan being approved. 88% of those voting were in favour of the plan being used by B&D BC in planning decisions affecting the parish. The official result can be seen here.

We have been advised by B&D BC that the plan It is now part of the Borough development plan and has full weight in the determination of planning applications and that National Planning Policy Framework para 14 protection has been triggered. The latter is important in fending off unwanted development.  B&D BC formally “made” the plan at a full Council meeting  on 18th May.  Full details can be seen here.

The Parish Council would like to thank all the volunteers who worked on the development of the plan and all the residents who contributed their thoughts and opinions. 

Chair, Ecchinswell, Sydmonton & Bishops Green Parish Council

6th May 2023