Regulation 16 Publication and Examination

On a webpage published in late October, we advised you that, following the Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Consultation, the ES&BG Neighbourhood Plan had been submitted to Basingstoke & Deane BC for publication and examination and gave you an outline of the set of processes that were now underway. 

B&D BC have now completed a set of legal checks of the documentation and are satisfied that the Neighbourhood Plan and the process followed to compile it comply with the statutory requirements set out in the relevant sections of the Town and Country Planning Act (1990).

This means that our plan now moves into Regulation 16 Publication and Examination. This stage includes a further period of consultation. Notification of this is given in this notice from the Planning Policy Team at B&D BC who lead this part of the process.

Please be aware that comments submitted by residents during the Pre-Submission Consultation (during 25 August to 7th October) are included in the Consultation Statement and hence will go to the examiner alongside the plan. Therefore these comments do not need to be repeated.

We are grateful to B&D BC for initiating this next step in the process so soon after submission. This means that formal examination can start in late December and hence we remain optimistic that we are on course to meet our objective of proceeding to referendum no later than the Local Elections due on 4th May 2023 and giving the plan weight to protect the parish from unwanted development.

Marian Dain

Chair ES&BG Parish Council

7th November 2022