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Ecchinswell, Sydmonton and Bishops Green Parish Council

The Parish of Ecchinswell, Sydmonton and Bishops Green comprises Bishops Green and Sydmonton to the north, Brocks Green and Ecchinswell in the middle, and Sydmonton and Ashley Warren to the south. It is a long and narrow parish, bordered by Berkshire at the northern end and the parish of Whitchurch at the southern end. 

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Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council launched its consultation on the draft Local Plan Update on Monday 22nd January. 

The ES&BG PC would urge you to take part in this consultation to provide evidence to BDBC about what residents in rural parts of the borough consider important. Those of you able to attend our December meeting will remember the importance both Cllrs Harvey and Konieczko gave to resident feedback.

The draft plan can be found here:

 Local Plan Update (Regulation 18) | Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council Online Consultation Portal

More information on how to comment and where you can view the plan is here:

Have your say on the draft Local Plan Update (basingstoke.gov.uk)

Please take some time to look at this draft and register your comments.

Thank you.


Public consultation by Hampshire County Council (HCC); input on focus for seriously cut services.

Hampshire County Council (HCC) is facing operating with approximately 50% less funding from central Government relative to 2019 levels. The HCC reserves are being used up to cover running costs, so cuts in services have to be made. The public consultation, running to 31 March, seeks feedback on potential cuts to services such as adult social care, grant schemes, highway maintenance, homeless support services, household waste recycling centres, library stocks, passenger transport, street lighting. Please go to: www.hants,gov.uk/future-services-consultation


HCC is also launching a survey asking residents where they would like to see improvements for nature recovery. Please go to: https://lnrs-hampshireonline.hub.arcgis.com/pages/Leave%20a%20comment%20on%20the%20map?preview=true



Woodside View Consultation

ET Planning on behalf of Bewley Homes is seeking community input for this proposed development.  Nearby residents will have received a leaflet about this.  Other residents can view the leaflet here and respond as they wish.


Councillor Vacancy 

We have 2 Councillor Vacancies. Please see the attached notice here. If you are interested in taking on this role, please contact the clerk at clerk@ecchinswell-pc.gov.uk

 Hampshire County Council Cost of Living Briefing

In October, Hampshire County Council launched the Keep Warm Keep Well web pages, which bring together a variety of help and information, such as advice for keeping homes warm and coping with debt, details about meals on wheels and school meals, as well as advice for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing during challenging times. Please see the link below if you would like further information:



Cost of Living Support Available from BDBC 

Full details of the support available from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council is on their website through the following link: https://www.basingstoke.gov.uk/costofliving  but please spread the word to ensure the people who need it are made aware. The Parish Council can assist with access to the information if you have problems. Please contact clerk@ecchinswell-pc.gov.uk.   

Join our local team and become a Parish Councillor

There is a vacancy for a new Parish Councillor.  No special qualification is required to be a councillor; indeed, it is important that all sorts of people serve as councillors to give good representation of the community.  Training for new councillors is also available to help assist with understanding the responsibilities of the role.


If you would like to put yourself forward as a Parish Councillor, please either get in touch with the clerk (clerk@ecchinswell-pc.gov.uk) or come along to the next virtual meeting of the Parish Council to introduce yourself.




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A group of residents in the parish have investigated a scheme with the potential to improve broadband speeds for local properties. However, with all the change in grants at DCMS and despite the intest of more than 70 residents, there does not seem to be a near-term opportunity for improvement at a cost that people will want to pay.  More information on the news page. 


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