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Ecchinswell, Sydmonton and Bishops Green Parish Council

The Parish of Ecchinswell, Sydmonton and Bishops Green comprises Bishops Green and Sydmonton to the north, Brocks Green and Ecchinswell in the middle, and Sydmonton and Ashley Warren to the south. It is a long and narrow parish, bordered by Berkshire at the northern end and the parish of Whitchurch at the southern end. 

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The Catesby Estates planning application has finally come onto the Basingstoke & Deane Planning Portal. It is now for 350 homes not the original 400.

The application is dated 25th November 2021 and the closing date for comments is 25th January.

 The Parish Council will be objecting to this application and I would urge you all to send in your opinions in a personal capacity as well.

 The information on the application is available at:




2nd Proposed Development in Bishops Green for 50 houses 


There is another new development proposal for Bishops Green. This time for 50 homes. Those living in Bishops Green should already have had fliers about this. 


The attachment and website ( https://www.woodside-view.co.uk/ ) give more information and allow you to have your say on the proposal.




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Neighbourhood plan

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Join our local team and become a Parish Councillor

Following the resignation of Tim Hall, there is now a vacancy for a new Parish Councillor.  No special qualification is required to be a councillor; indeed, it is important that all sorts of people serve as councillors to give good representation of the community.  Training for new councillors is also available to help assist with understanding the responsibilities of the role.


If you would like to put yourself forward as a Parish Councillor, please either get in touch with the clerk (clerk@ecchinswell-pc.gov.uk) or come along to the next virtual meeting of the Parish Council to introduce yourself.




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A group of residents in the parish are investigating a scheme to improve broadband speeds for local properties. Although this is not an ES&BG PC endorsed scheme, it has some potential benefits for residents. If you are interested in finding out more about the scheme, then email RUPERTELWES@GMAIL.COM.


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