Overview of Progress - What has happened so far?

 October 2021

 A quieter month with a focus on consolidating the inputs from the community received at the September consultations and a further series of engagements with Basingstoke and Deane on the latest steps in their Local Plan Update which will have influence on our Neighbourhood Plan.  The team is also evaluating Government initiatives on "First Homes" and "Nature Recovery" that will need to be embraced in our plan

September 2021 

 Important steps this month

We have had two meetings with our consultant oneil homer: 

The first was an inception meeting that laid out how we will work the project with them over the next 12-18 months.  Our objective is to have a "made plan" ready for referendum by around October 2022.  The final approval by referendum is likely to be combined with Local Elections in May 2023.

The second meeting started the preparation of a vision for our neighbourhood Plan.  The team's input to this will be augmented by the thoughts and opinions of residents gained from the Community Consultation events and ultimately tested with residents via the draft plan. 


The big news for September was the Community Consultation events held at the Village Halls on 24th and 25th September.  More than 100 residents attended and enthusiastically gave us their thoughts and opinions at or soon after these events.  Nearly 1500 written comments or supportive "votes" were collected.  An overview of the findings is here.

We have also had some input from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council on the update of their Local Plan.  We are ensuring that the development of our Neighbourhood Plan is well aligned to the emerging direction of this update process. 

 August 2021

 Simon Willson - an Ecchinswell resident - has joined the Steering Team - welcome Simon!

We have selected and appointed oneil homer as consultants to help us develop our plan.  They have a good track record of helping similar parishes with their plans - a good example of this is their work with Burghclere on the successful development and approval of their plan.

There have been a few more pop-up events to build awareness of the project and preparations are now underway for the big consultation events that will take place in the village halls on 24th and 25th of September.  Watch out for the invitations that will be delivered to all homes in the parish and please make every effort to attend.

The photo competition has now closed. There was a rather small number of entries but winners have been selected and are being contacted.

July 2021 

 Various pop-up events have taken place to inform residents about work on the plan and to build awareness of the Community Consultations on 24 and 25 September

Interviews with businesses based in the parish and key stakeholders are being set up

A short list of consultants has bee identified to help us with progressing the details of the plan in line with procedures and format laid down by the authorities.  Interviews to select the preferred support partner are set for early August.

Grants to support the process are being sought from Locality (a government body that supports neighbourhood plans).  All being well, the grants will cover the most/all of the costs so there will be minimal draw on Parish Council funds 

June 2021

Logo competition completed - lots of praise for the great work by all the children (well done!!) and a winner selected (congratulations Leo and thanks to the external judges)

Logo has now been incorporated in most communications material and you will see lots of coasters with the log that will remind you to participate in developing the plan 

Two exhibitions of logos held in Village Halls and used to build awareness of the NP project and discuss development of the parish over the next 10 years - more pop-up consultation events to follow

Plan set up for big community consultation sessions on Sept 24th and 25th in the Village Halls - please note these dates

Photo competition launched so we have a bank of photos of the parish to use in the plan - get snapping! - deadline 20th August

May 2021

More detailed planning of Community Consultation including pop-events

Planning for business and stakeholder consultation 

First contacts with potential consultants to help with plan development

Initial application for a grant from Locality to help fund plan development

Learning from experience of another Neighbourhood Plan - Twyford (near Winchester)

Launch of Logo Competition 

April 2021 

Initial meetings to plan first wave of consultations with the community about how people see living in the parish today and what is important for the future

Formation of Steering Group to lead the process

March 2021

Launch of the plan to all Parish residents via email, website, social media and a leaflet to every household

First wave of volunteers recruited 

First (zoom) meeting of volunteers 

February 2021

 Parish Council agrees need for a plan to be developed

Basingstoke & Deane approve our application to develop a neighbourhood Plan 

Launch materials developed to enegage the parish

January 2021

First meetings to gather a team

Sharing of experience from Burghclere Parish neighbourhood Plan which is nearly complete