Update to Residents 29th March 2023

Dear Resident


Further to our message sent on 9th February, the Parish Council is pleased give you a further update on progress with our Neighbourhood Plan.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council have completed their review of the examiner’s report and following the examiner’s recommendation have formally decided that the plan should go to referendum on 4th May 2023. The referendum is therefore taking place alongside the Local Elections.

The referendum will ask “Do you want Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Ecchinswell, Sydmonton & Bishops Green to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”.

If the referendum gives a simple majority of ‘Yes’ responses, then our plan will be ‘adopted’ by Basingstoke & Deane and given full weight in future planning and development decisions.

Details for all this are published on the ES&BG NP webpage on the B&D BC website.

Please note that for both the referendum and the Local Elections, in order to vote in person, you will require suitable photo-id (e.g. passport or photo driving licence).

If you do not have suitable id, you can apply on-line for a voter certificate here - this must be done before 25th April.

As an alternative or, if you are going to be away on 4th May and wish to vote, you can apply (by post only) for a postal vote. Details for this are here and your form needs to be received by B&D BC by no later than 1700 on 18th April 2023.

Please note that the Parish Council is not allowed to ask you to vote one way or the other.

Marian Dain

Chair, ES&BG Parish Council