Catesby Estates is preparing proposals for new homes and public open space on College Copse Fields, East of Ecchinswell Road, Bishops Green.

BMX bikes or outdoor gym equipment. We are looking to the community for suggestions on what public open space facilities are required in Bishops Green.

We need your help to ensure we deliver a sensitively designed scheme that is tailored to fit the character of the area and the surrounding landscape, whilst also delivering new community benefits such as affordable homes. We have prepared initial proposals indicatively showing potential layout including vehicle/pedestrian access points and public open space.

Footpath and cycle links around the site and linking to the wider area

Up to 400 new homes providing a well-balanced mix of housing, in-line with the Council’s housing mix policy including smaller 1,2 & 3 bed properties

We are seeking to retain boundary vegetation where possible and create new areas of planting and open space

40% affordable homes providing an opportunity for those struggling to get on the housing ladder

There is the opportunity to provide additional community benefits, and we need your help to ensure we deliver the right benefits for the Bishops Green community. We recognise there is a well-used existing village hall and local shop in Bishops Green, and we would welcome feedback on additional community benefits and facilities that local residents would like to see provided alongside the new homes. You can do this using any of the methods listed in this leaflet.

Significant public open space for use by the whole community with an opportunity to provide play and leisure facilities for older children and adults such as a pump track for scooters and

Have Your Say

We are keen to hear from as many people as possible. Your feedback will help shape our proposals as well as identified any specific local issues that our proposals need to address, before we submit our planning application to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council. BY NO LATER THAN SUNDAY 19th SEPTEMBER 2021

Comments received and how we have sought to address them will be compiled in a Statement of Community Involvement document and submitted with our planning application. Only the comments we receive will be published and no personal information will be attributed to any specific comment.

About Us

Catesby Estates established in 1996, work closely with housebuilders, councils, local residents and other stakeholder groups to deliver, new high quality homes on developments that are seen as a positive part of the local community.

Community Benefits & Facilities

Alongside new homes there is the opportunity to provide a range of additional community benefits and facilities for local residents.

This includes play and leisure facilities within the public open space, as well as other options which could include a community cafe´, allotments or community orchard, mobile healthcare, sport facilities, improved internet connection or funding towards the long term vitality of the village hall and its community clubs and services.

More details about this and the wider proposals can be found on It is important we received your feedback on the proposals and the types of benefits and facilities that you think Bishops Green needs.

Following the closure of the public consultation period we will analyse feedback received and update our proposals where appropriate.

What Happens Next?

Catesby Estates will be submitting an Outline Planning Application later in the year. This will set out the principles of the development including the access to the site, the amount of homes, commitments to open space and community facilities and the areas of green space and trees which are to be retained and protected.

Should the application be approved, we will then work with housebuilders to deliver a range of new homes, with the first homes being available late 2023. This consultation process is an opportunity for you to have your say.


We have taken all reasonable measures to present this information with due care and it is considered correct at time of printing. However, the information contained within, is subject to change without notice, and Catesby Estates plc and its employees and agents shall have no liability to the users for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred or arising by reason of any person using or relying on this information.

Changes in data protection laws (GDPR) means the rules around how companies process your personal data have changed. It does not restrict individuals sharing their personal information with third parties in a way of their choosing.

This is an opportunity for you to help shape our proposals. You are not obligated to comment on the proposals, and you are welcome to submit as much or as little information as you wish using any of the four feedback methods detailed within this literature (freepost, email, online or telephone)

All comments received will be reviewed by Catesby Estates. Your feedback will be compiled in Statement of Community Involvement Documents and submitted with our planning application. Any comments you make in response to these proposals will not affect your right to comment on the planning application submitted to the Local Authority at a later stage in the process.

Your personal data will not be passed to any other parties. For more information on our policies visit or contact us at: 01926 836910 /