Old Original Churchyard

Church Yard The parish council contributes towards the maintenance of the old churchyard that lies to the south of the village of Ecchinswell, close to the site of the original village church. The parish church funds the remainder of the maintenance.

The old churchyard is surrounded by a brick wall with curved coping stones which is about 150 years old. Sadly, the affects of the weather took their toll and caused some of the lime mortar between the bricks to crumble and the wall was also being ‘invaded’ by ivy, representing a threat to its stability.

The Parish Council therefore decided to undertake some renovation works on the wall, mainly removing the crumbling mortar, re-pointing with lime mortar, and removing the ivy.

To assist with the cost of the works the Parish Council successfully applied for a Pride of Place Initiative (POPPI) Grant from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and was awarded £5,000 towards the cost of works.
Grave Stones