Catesby Estates Roundtable Meeting

On Thursday 10th June 2021 Catesby Estates invited stakeholders to a roundtable meeting to discuss progress on their proposal for a large development in Bishops Green.

This was attended by:

  • 4 members of the Catesby Estates team
  • 2 Parish Councillors
  • 2 Basingstoke and Deane Borough Councillors
  • 1 member of the Bishops Green Community Association.

The Catesby Estates team listed the preparatory survey work they have been undertaking over the last few months but did not share results. They showed us a more detailed map of the area than the one in the original proposal. This shows roads, paths, and outline housing blocks.

The main points from the presentation were:

  • They have not altered their plans for 400 homes in any significant way.
  • They are fully aware of residents’ concerns but showed no real evidence of trying to address the associated infrastructure and services issues.
  • They intend to consult with local residents very soon. This will be by letter, on-line material, and a live online presentation.
  • They plan to apply for outline planning permission before the end of 2021. This type of application allows for significant changes to be made by a developer when submitting their own detailed plans later.

The Parish Council reiterated the results of their consultation last December and pointed out that there was no local appetite for a development anything like as large as that being proposed. We also made Catesby Estates aware that we are in the early consultation phase of making a Neighbourhood Plan which will indicate the type and scope of development that residents do want. Results of this phase should be available in the autumn.

As residents can we urge you to make your voice heard during the Catesby Estates consultation and in the wider Neighbourhood Plan consultation process which will be going on over the next few months.

If you have any further questions or comments for the Parish Council, please contact us via the clerk or the website.

Marian Dain

Chair ES&BG Parish Council